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Snow & Ice Control

MN Snow & Ice Control

Whether you are a fan of the colder months or you count down the days to summer, everyone must contend with snow and ice in our community. Unfortunately it isn’t always simple to clear away and one can get seriously injured from not realizing ice is on the pavement.

Rely on our team to help get you to work so you can maintain focus throughout the day knowing you will come home to a safe and clean driveway.. And no one is better suited for your needs than the team at Yardworx.

We provide professional ice control services that keep your family safer for less. By using a variety of techniques, we guarantee that we remain the best option whenever you need help.

Choose the fast and affordable team for the most convenient snow control services today. When you hire us, it means getting back to your schedule quickly.


Ice Control Service

Ice control gets achieved through broadcasting a specialized salt-based product that chemically causes crystals to melt. Salt is a natural deicing agent as it draws moisture out, forcing ice to “sweat”.

Salt used in removing ice is formulated to speed the process up past what conventional table sale can accomplish. In no time, you’ll see areas of pooling water where the applied salt is taking hold of the ice.

Using the salt also lowers the freezing temperature of ice, meaning it has to remain colder than it already is to stay in its solid form. Once the sun comes out, your frozen puddles won’t have a chance at reforming.

When you need to get to work, school, or shopping but the winter weather is keeping you indoors, just call us for your best ice control service. We make winter safer for more area residents.


Snow Plowing & Hauling

Everyone knows that snow plowing is the most direct way to clear your driveways and roads. What they don’t always know is It isn’t always the most efficient tool to use in some applications.

When there is too much snow on top of the road, only relying on a plow will keep it piled up. And while there are specialty removal trucks that can melt snow as it gets removed, these are rare to see and expensive to purchase.

To insure you will not end up with a mountain of snow, our plows get outfitted with a bucket that can haul snow as well as move it out of the way. By using this method, we can control where and how densely snow gets packed while providing you with a clearer, safer path each time.

No one else keeps your safer from snow and ice during the frigid winter seasons like our plow and haul drivers do every year. Make sure that you get the best in snow and ice control options with Yardworx this winter.

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