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Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation Services

You may already know that Yardworx remains the best in local landscaping solutions. However, we do so much more than standard grass mowing.

We are your best local retailer of high-quality organic yard mulching that promotes healthier plants, prolonged growing environments, and helps prevent it against the cold, weather, and pests. Best of all, our organic mulch contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, providing many months of sustained defense and nutrition.

Choosing us for your best mulch supplier means never needing to fuss with hefty bags of wood chips at the store again. We offer mulching sales, delivery, and professional installation services to keep your plants looking great.

Don’t waste your time or your money on cheap prepacked mulching materials. Instead, allow us to provide you with the best quality mulch and better installations today.


What is Mulch?

Mulch is ground up chips of wood and plant material. While some people may confuse this with other yard additives, organic mulching should only get made from discarded yard debris and wood.

In the manufacturing process, chips get formed by applying pressure and heat to ground up pieces of bark, limb, and other plant material. Although other sections of plants can get used, like leaves, it isn’t as effective as traditional mulching.

Organic mulching will help reduce the spread of weeds and bugs because it’s too dense for them to press through gaps between chips. And because it blankets the areas around the bases of plants, it helps better insulate them against the cold and weather.

Mulching also helps nourish your plants by releasing nutrients into the soil as it continues decomposing. Once they’ve completely faded, you can quickly remove it and replace it with a fresh batch.


Why Use Mulch?

While you likely know that plants require fresh air, sunlight, and water, they need a lot more protection than what the typical homeowners know to do. Although their roots are the part that requires the most defense, they are often the least protected areas in most yards.

All plant roots are sensitive to drastic changes in temperature, moisture, and physical damage. Too much sunlight will lead to them burning out, while an unexpected cold snap could leave them burnt from the inside out.

Roots are also susceptible to hungry pests who don’t have to dig very far for their next meal. However, by installing mulching throughout your lawns, you can create an insulated barrier that protects them from multiple hazards at once.

When you need one straightforward method for keeping your plants healthy and safe, mulching is likely the ideal choice for your needs. Contact Yardworx for your best mulch applications today.

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