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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Services

The summer season doesn’t last long here in Minnesota, so you have to enjoy it while you can. However, when the mosquitoes come buzzing your way, it’s enough to make you want to stay inside every day.

Mosquitoes are a leading cause of a broad number of diseases, some of which have no cure or limited treatment options. As is often the case with many situations in life, prevention is the best step you can take against not falling ill.

Your favorite landscaping service provider can also help protect your family from invasive pesky mosquitoes. Yardworx provides convenient and affordable mosquito control services to your lawn for less each time.

Whether you’re planning an upcoming backyard barbecue or just want to enjoy your swimming pool this weekend, you’ll need help preventing bugs from ruining your fun. Contact us today to give your yard the best treatment possible.


How Do We Fight Back?

There are numerous mosquito treatment options available on the market, but you’ll likely need to incorporate more than one to see the level of success you hope to achieve. When you choose us for mosquito control services, we depend on a specialized formula that we apply to your yards’ perimeter.

The piece of equipment that we use is referred to as a mist blower because it strongly resembles a typical leaf blower. However, it has an attached backpack unit that administers the poison where it is blown and distributed throughout your lawn.

Using a mist blower is far more effective than cans of fogging solution and it’s safer on the person applying it to plants. As the solution enters the air chamber it is pushed out away from the person’s face and body, preventing accidental inhalation or contact with bare skin.

The process can happen quickly, especially in smaller yards or those with little amounts of grass. No matter how large your lawn remains, however, we guarantee the best preventative care possible each time.


Why Call Us?

Most products purchased in stores are ineffective or they don’t cover as broad of an area as our equipment can. That means that you are using more of it, sending additional chemicals into your soil than you need to.

As a result, you are drowning your lawn in poisons that wind up eventually making their way to the groundwater below. Our mosquito control formula sprays on in a mist, allowing it to flow and land on the surface.

Because we use a commercial grade pest control solution, you can rest easier knowing that it will last longer than spray can products. Best of all, it prevents the need for topical pest control formulas that you spread onto your skin, making for a safer more enjoyable time outdoors without the chemicals.

You need lasting protection for your home and family and deserve the quality of care from our team today. Contact Yardworx today for your best mosquito control applications.

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