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Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal MN Service

Travelers come from all around to catch a glimpse of the autumn leaves changing colors. However, these visitors don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess that is left behind once they fall from their trees.

Unfortunately, when all you have is a rake, you could spend hours forming blisters on your hand and knots in your back, yet your lawn still will not have that clean crisp look you desire. Even with a leaf blower, there’s nothing easy about getting rid of autumn leaves.

However, a straightforward solution to your mounting dead leaves is hiring Yardworx for your lawns. We use professional cleaning methods that leave your yards looking fresh with every visit.

Why should you continue struggling with your landscaping needs when we offer a better quality of service and lower pricing each time? Call us today to give your yards the best in leaf removal services.


Leaf Cleanup Services

Leaves are to grass what food crumbs are to your kitchen floor. While you may be able to ignore a little bit of it, it doesn’t take much to drive you nuts.

Unfortunately, raking isn’t as simple using a broom, and you could spend an entire afternoon sprucing up your outdoor areas. Instead, we make getting rid of leaves a breeze with professional equipment and experienced landscaping technicians.

First, we use powerful commercial leaf blowers to pile it all up into one centralized location. That makes it easier than trying to scrap every single leaf away by itself, leading to faster completion times.

At that point you have the choice to have us haul your leaves away in a tarp or run a mower over them to create leaf mulching that will help nourish your grass. Whichever method is right for your needs, we guarantee the best results on every visit.


Professional Leaf Removal

When handling your own leaf removal, one always starts out with the idea that you can simply toss a few black landscaping trash bags into your waste can with the rest of your family’s weekly garbage. However, once you use up an entire box in a few hours, you begin to realize that it’s not going to be so easy getting rid of all of your leaves.

Most municipal bulk pickups will refuse to take bagged loads. While you could toss a bag or two away each week, how long do you want to live with mounds of bags hanging out in your yard?

Worst still, is getting fined for improper disposal methods which could lead to hundreds of dollars for bags of discarded leaves. Choosing us is the safe, simple, and affordable way to get rid of all your leaves quickly.

If you are sick of breaking your back over raking leaves up each week, then call our team today. Yardworx continues providing the best in professional landscaping solutions for less.

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