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Yard De-Thatching MN

Did you know that your body has something in common with your yard? Just as there are different layers of skin and hair growing across your body, your grass has different sections as well.

Directly below the grass blades is the crown, or the portion of the plant that remains above the soil. And the layer separating the top from the earth is thatch.

All grass has some thatch, and you should allow some of it to remain. However, when grass thatch becomes too thick and compacted, it prevents air, sunlight, and moisture to make it down to the roots.

When you need your yard de-thatched, you need the experienced landscaping professionals at Yardworx to leave your lawns healthier than ever before. Contact us today for the fast and convenient choice in yard de-thatching services.


What is Yard De-Thatching?

Yard de-thatching tasks our team with carefully removing the buildup of debris away from the roots without harming the rest of the grass. Unfortunately, yard de-thatching causes a ton of strain on the plants, so you’ll want to leave this task up to our professionals.

A thin layer of thatch is helpful to your lawn because it better helps it regulate its temperature as well as shield it from cold, rain, foot traffic, and other hazards. However, if allowed to grow too thickly, you’ll wind up having the opposite occur.

Too thick of thatching will leave grass choked, dehydrated, and not long for this world. However, if you use the wrong tool or de-thatch too often, it will only harm your grass instead.

De-thatching is a frequent need for many yards, but it requires experience to handle correctly. Make sure that your yards remain in good hands by having us perform annual de-thatching.


Do I Need De-Thatching?

One mistake many homeowners make is that they de-thatch too often, or during the wrong times of the year. It is a common misunderstanding that many people think you should perform yard de-thatching as soon as the snow starts to melt.

However, that only leaves your grass weakened in soil that is still far too moist. And if there is a late-season freeze or cold snap, your plants are likely not going to make it through.

When you have de-thatching performed depends on the type of grass you have, as well as the current time of year. Generally, you’ll want to have de-thatching done during your plants’ growing season for the best results.

Contact Yardworx today if your yard requires quality de-thatching services. We leave your lawns looking their best each time we serve them.

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