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Core Aeration

Core Aeration in Minnesota

Many homeowners have not heard of core aeration as it often only gets offered by professional service providers. However, core aeration is an essential aspect of your yard maintenance needs and ignoring it can lead to an entire lawn of dead grass.

Over time, your grassroots begin weaving together, as well as the individual blades. When your lawn forms a net of grass, it starts choking itself out.

The thicker growing patterns prevents air and moisture from flowing to the roots, and it also restricts oxygen from making it to the plant. When you choose Yardworx for your lawns, it means breathing new life into your grass quickly.

If you have noticed that your grass never seems to grow any taller, or if it appears faded and drooping, you likely need core aeration services. Contact us immediately for the best help possible in keeping your lawns alive.


What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration relies on a simple tool that gets pushed throughout your yard. As the drum rolls over the grass, tiny spikes dig into the soil and removes some of the dirt and plant clumps.

Although it sounds violent, your yard won’t get harmed during the process, and in fact, you’ll notice that it has begun to thrive once more. You can think of core aeration as lifting a heavy object off of your chest, allowing you an easier time to breathe throughout the day.

By removing hardened plugs of earth, it allows resources to flow back to the base of the plant again. That means that even if your grass is appearing rough today, it could quickly bounce back, preventing the need and cost to replace it all.

Before you spend a fortune on fertilization products that won’t help your situation, make sure you give your yard the best care possible. Contact us for the best in local core aeration services.


Do I Need Core Aeration?

Core aeration is necessary for areas where grass continually gets heavy use. The additional foot traffic is likely one of the contributing reasons why your lawns have started entangling themselves.

If your grass always appears dry, or overly spongey, it means your lawn isn’t getting proper drainage. Aerating it will promote a better flow of moisture, as well as helping you conserve irrigation needs.

If your current lawn was installed by laying sod panels on top of existing grass or dead plants, then you’re likely going to need core aeration eventually. The stacked layers of dirt, plant, and roots will compact over time.

Have you recently had construction projects performed around the outside of your home? The added heft and foot traffic will leave your lawns compacted.

Of course, if you’re unsure, you can always call us, and we’ll see if you could benefit from aeration. When you choose Yardworx, it means getting the landscaping services you need the most for less each time.

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