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Big Lake Lawn Care

Big Lake MN Landscaping

Did you know that every summer since 1972, Big Lake MN has hosted Spud Fest? This celebration of potatoes and all the tasty things they can be is always a smashing success.

Even if you know how to grow potatoes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your yard receives proper care and attention. When it comes to mowing grass and trimming up bushes and shrubs, you likely need a helping hand to keep you home looking it’s best.

Instead, you can always rely on Yardworx for the best quality of care around. Whether you need better weekly lawn care or specific one-time service needs, we consistently achieve better, healthier plants each time.

Contact us to give your yards the best quality of landscaping possible.


Big Lake Lawn Care

Both Big Lake and Lake Mitchell once were used for transporting ice blocks. Today it seems as if they only make humid growing conditions and pests.

When you have us caring for your yards it means better defending your grass, trees, and plants from more forms of lawn hazards. Whatever you need to keep your lawns healthy, we provide it all for less on each visit.

Whether you have swarms of mosquitoes keeping you from barbecuing or you can never seem to prepare your yards for winter, we can handle all your needs quickly. No one else keeps your lawns looking better throughout all four seasons like we do.

Contact Yardworx today for your best landscapers. We keep your homes greener for less.

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